When tragedy strikes, IATSE members show up to help

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

The word goes out that a member or their family is in crisis and – in myriad occasions –- the IATSE community goes into full action. 

The members have been known to create collections to support families in times of loss, to support women experiencing domestic violence, and to raise millions of dollars for community food banks. They will donate to families who have been struck by tragedy so that their kids have a better future, organize drives for winter clothing for people in need, and host heartfelt tributes to much loved members who have passed away.

Most recently, within days of the COVID-19 shutdown our members gathered tons of PPE for essential service workers. Each and every member of the Union can feel very proud of how this group of people shows up in times of need.

If you’re not an IATSE 891 member, why not? Open your world to all the opportunities.