Become a member.

Open your world to all the opportunities.

More doors open for members of the IATSE 891 as they get access to our union-only productions. For people who become members - what the world has to offer expands. You gain the opportunity to work on productions that add real depth to your experience … and your IMDb profile! Make sure that you are on the list for good paying union jobs!

Better wages. Real benefits. More options.

You want to work on union productions. The wages are generally higher. And union productions live up to their reputation of the highest safety standards. They’re typically the big name productions and you will learn a lot from the way they operate. And you build your union hours to advance from permittee to full-fledged member – gaining access to great benefits and an outstanding professional network.

Members access IATSE-subsidized skills upgrading to meet the highest industry standards.

IATSE 891 has a suite of training courses - and reimburses members for courses offered by others – making IATSE members some of the best trained in the industry. The best trained workers get access to the productions demanding the highest standards. It’s good for them and it’s great for you.

Membership now protects your future.

The longer you’re with the Union, the more you gain -- so there are real reasons to apply now. Before you know it, the benefits of full membership will be yours and the value increases over your career. More access to work, RRSP balances increase, broadened options for your retirement interests, and support if you become ill or injured. We take care of our members’ interests today, and tomorrow.

Safe return protocols, and the health benefits that mean even more these days.

These are strange times. But IATSE 891 didn’t take a ‘wait and see’ attitude. It was an active participant in the creation of the BC Motion Picture COVID-19 Pandemic Production Guide. Putting crew members’ safety first, made BC one of the first production centres to get back to work. It also attracted a lot of new productions which signed on with IATSE and put our members first.