So, how does membership work?

1. First, you must apply to the department(s) appropriate to your skills and experience. See the Join Us page and request the application package you need. It will have information about the necessary qualifications for the department(s)

Generally speaking, you will need:

  • a high school diploma,
  • a motion picture industry orientation certificate 
  • Actsafe certification 
  • WHMIS certification
  • skills-specific qualifications or experience as required by the department. You can apply for more than one.

2. Second, as need arises, you will be called to work on motion pictures projects signed with IATSE891. Once you reach 90 days of work within a single department, you will qualify for full membership.

3. Third, you must submit your membership application and prepare to be inducted into the IATSE 891 family.

4. You will be asked to take an oath and pay a one-time initiation fee.

5. Benefits are made available through an hour-bank system. Under the collective agreement, employers contribute to the benefits bank for each hour a member works. Once the hour requirements are met, the member is eligible for benefits coverage. If working hours drop, members can maintain their coverage by paying the low monthly premium themselves.