Union helps members through COVID-19 pandemic

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

In March 2020, the World Health Organization classified COVID 19 as a global pandemic and, over the next six months, workers across the world were left vulnerable and unrepresented. They had to navigate the crisis alone. Millions of people found their working conditions reduced because employers took advantage of the disruption the pandemic caused. 

Workers that belonged to Unions had collective agreements and their union reps to defend them.
The union updated its members daily with the news about government benefits and how the union could help. And that help was welcome.

Set Decorating member Buck Jolicoeur wrote in an email, “I can't thank you all enough for staying on top of this situation and working diligently to direct us to some very valuable resources. As this situation has unfolded, you have been on top of it at every turn. It gives me confidence.” 

During the pandemic, IATSE 891 proved that people really are stronger together. Members supported each other during the first shockwave of the crisis, and then reimagined, rebuilt and got back to work.