Union benefits make workers’ lives better all round.

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

 Before becoming a member of IATSE, then 31-year old, Grace Delahanty  worked on non-union shows. That experience made her all the more appreciative of the benefits that come with her membership. On the non-union shows she was paid a flat day rate regardless of how many hours she worked. Some days were so long, she barely made much more than minimum wage. Now, under an IATSE contract, she is paid for every hour she works… and receives overtime pay!
Grace is also grateful for her IATSE health benefits. After she signed on, she quickly got her hours qualifying her for full benefits. 

First stop? The dentist. 

Knowing that her membership brings retirement savings also gives her peace of mind. Her parents don’t have pensions and she thinks they’ll be working for the rest of their lives.  Like all members, Grace receives pension savings every time she works under an IATSE 891 contract. It all adds up.

In her six years of membership, Grace has become an active part of her community of co-workers. Her position in the Costume Department allows her to grow as a person and a professional. 

She builds on her strengths, constantly grows in skill and ability, and thrives in this creative and challenging industry. 

Member of the Set Decorating Department, 34 year-old Sean McQuillan has worked union and non-union jobs and he knows which he prefers. “I've done a lot of freelancing in my life where you're chasing people for money. As a member of the union, I know I'm going to get paid when I work.” 

He adds, “Having the power of the union behind you is so important. Because of this union, I have the ability to create a foundation for a family. There’s just so much support from the union.” 

If you’re not an IATSE 891 member, why not? Open your world to all the opportunities.