IATSE members: We got your back

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

Each production that signs a contract with IATSE 891 must allow Union Representation and Shop Stewards to monitor that the working terms and conditions are being respected and that workers have the equipment and space to work safely. 

When there’s evidence of issues, IATSE Union Reps and Shop Stewards reps speak up and do what’s necessary to get the problem fixed. The Shop Stewards are film workers, like you.
Unfortunately, non-union workers don't have this benefit – and they're often too scared to speak up for fear of losing their job.

According to Amanda Bronswyk, IATSE 891 Senior Steward and one of the longest serving representatives of the local, notes that workers are sometimes hesitant to bring concerns forward: “The Stewards Office can address issues with the employer on the workers behalf without fear of losing a job or losing future employment.  We work to enforce the collective agreement, and we always stand by our members right to safe and fair working conditions.” That's how many problems get resolved.
Our Union Reps and on-site Shop Stewards who visit each production on a regular basis, are seasoned in safety – allowing you to focus on the work, not the risks.
If you’re not an IATSE 891 member, why not? Open your world to all the opportunities.