What it takes: making it in film

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

IATSE 891 asked its most experienced members what it takes to build a successful film and television career. In addition to technical skill and artistry, want to know what three qualities stood out? According to the experts the ability to work well with others, a good work ethic and strong interpersonal skills are key. 

“Working with others outweighs technical ability in our jobs because we must work in concert with a hundred other people to make a film.” 

Another said; “Work ethic and interpersonal skills become your most important assets.... Although continued education and refining skill sets through courses are helpful and somewhat necessary, it’s your ability to retain lessons learned on the job and work in harmony with others ... that will carry you the furthest in this industry.”

The camaraderie so fundamental to the IATSE community helps build the relationships and the culture of support that deliver to productive and successful film careers.

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