The amazing power of mentorship

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

Training and education is key to establishing basic skills, but what takes people from good to great is the practical experience they get under the watchful eye of those who have come before them. That’s what takes people from proficient technicians to world-class craftspeople. 

Susan Lambie, one of the most sought-after script supervisors in Canada (she’s worked with Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, and Tim Burton), says she learned so much from older, highly skilled members early in her career, that she arranges for new script supervisors to be on set with her to watch and mirror her work. 

Margot Ready, Art Director on wildly creative productions like The BFG and The Magicians also believes in supporting through mentorship. Throughout her career she’s had several seasoned designers mentor and challenge her. She now does the same for keen new members on her team.  
“It’s the ‘transfer of knowledge’ that ensures sustainability and growth of our world-renowned crews. And that attracts top productions,” said Margot.

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