Back row: Sano, Stacey Harris, John O’Neill, Crystal Braunwarth, Randy Thomas, Sarah Koppes. Front row: Gwendolyn Margetson, Tracy Hébert, Amanda Bronswyk.


iatse891 | Dec 20, 2023 |

Thank you to all the amazing staff and 891 members who volunteered for the Holiday Solidarity Cheer Up Initiative organized by 891 Senior Steward Amanda Bronswyk! Seeing the Union’s film community come together to support each other through hard times lifted many spirits. Dozens of members expressed deep gratitude for receiving food hampers for the holidays and shared their personal stories of how meaningful it is to know they’re part of a caring community that looks out for each other.

A big thank you to Amanda for leading this initiative and bringing people together this time of year to show kindness and care for each other. From volunteers to sponsors, all this was made possible through the work and generosity of many.

“I have shed lots of tears during this process,” says Amanda. “It truly took a village, everyone helping. I was grateful that I was able to get the balls rolling and see it through.”

Thank you to all our volunteers and 891 staff who helped, including: Tracy Hébert, Andra Ciocan, Mark Aviss, Sano, Conor Moore, Stacey Harris, Crystal Braunwarth, John O’Neill, Randy Thomas, Sarah Koppes, Gwendolyn Margetson, Darren Sinclair, Kim Goddard, Henry Earle, Margo McKenzie, and Carmen Siegers.

Thank you as well to all the sponsors who generously donated money, goods and support, including: IATSE 891, Aura Consulting, BCFresh, Freshco Maple Ridge, Oasis Cooler Rentals, Koskie Glavin, Sunbelt Rentals, Teamsters 155, Vancity, Victory Square Law Office, and individual 891 members.

Here are a few more kind words of thanks from 891 members who received hampers.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity for a Christmas Hamper. This will make a huge difference for my family this year… I am tremendously grateful to be cared about and supported during a difficult and challenging time.” – 891 Costume Department member

“My deepest gratitude to the union and all the workers that made the hampers happen. I was amazed at the array of wonderful items... and a turkey! This will go a long way in feeding my extended family (and a neighbour with 2 children) for Christmas. Truly a wonderful bounty that I will share over the holidays (and provide for myself in the days after).” – 891 Art Department member

“Amanda B. and the team putting together and distributing hampers for our members shows what supporting each other really means in times of hardship. Bless you all for your efforts and holiday cheer.” – 891 member

“Thank you so much for organizing this initiative for members. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.” – 891 Accounting Department member

“Thank you. This means the world.” – 891 member

“I picked up my hamper Friday morning and I couldn’t believe the amount of food we got. Though I indicated there were only two of us, the amount of food could easily provide an amazing Christmas feast for a family of four! Your generosity (and that of all the other members involved in putting this together) is unbelievable. This year has been the worst financially that I’ve ever been through. Christmas dinner was just not going to be an option. Words can’t express how overwhelmed with emotion I am right now. I wish I could give every one of you a hug. Please know that you have made a huge difference in the lives of many people this year. You have cheered us up and shown the true meaning of the season. THANK YOU!!!” – 891 member

“This is awesome. And very much needed. Thank you. I am a single mom to 2 daughters. Both live with me and it's been a difficult many months.” – 891 Script Department member

“Thanks to you and the rest of the union for organizing this! I was overwhelmed by how many items there were. It's greatly appreciated. :) Have a wonderful holiday season!” – 891 Production Office member

“A BIG thank you to you, Tracy, and your hamper team! As for many, this has been a difficult year, and your gift was most gracious and heart warming for my wife and I to receive. Tracy went the extra mile, and took time out to deliver our hamper to my door due to my car getting serviced. I wish you and yours, a happy holiday of happiness, and a bright new year accompanied with good health!” – 891 Lighting Department member

“Hello Amanda, thank you so much for helping out for those of us who need it during these difficult times.” – 891 Greens Department member

“Please pass on my gratitude to Amanda Bronswyk for organizing this as it will greatly help members that are facing hardship this year. Thanks and take care.”  – 891 Props, Set Dec member