Radical decisions help support IATSE members through COVID-19 pandemic

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

 Despite there being no work during the early months of the pandemic, IATSE worked hard with benefits providers and announced in May that health benefit coverage could continue. The relief was almost audible. 
Looking to extend support even further, in July the Local cancelled all quarterly dues for 2020. Appreciative emails streamed into the union office. One member wrote about their “utmost appreciation” and closed the letter with “IATSE strong.” Another said, “We have the best union.  I know that this will really help the membership. Thank you!” 

The help wasn’t just one way. Right from the get-go, members turned their minds to what they could do to help others, especially essential workers. Before long, the union office was a storage hub for tons of PPE donated by productions for the use of health care and essential workers. Other members used their sewing skills to make face masks, their 3D printers to make PPE gadgets. 

The people of IATSE 891 are members of a conscientious community that have each other’s backs. 

To get people back to the work they love, IATSE 891 engaged extensively with industry stakeholders to put in place rigorous safety plans which gave producers the confidence for re-entry. 

We are stronger together. IATSE 891 and the other motion picture unions are needed today as much as ever. Open your world to all the opportunities.