Emmy Awards 2019: Jonathan Lancaster (Set Dec), Lisa Lancaster (Set Dec), Jay Kent (Assist Set Dec), Erin Smith (Producer), Mary O’Dell, Dean O’Dell (Supervising Art Dir)

IATSE 891 members’ reputation recognized worldwide

iatse | Mar 12, 2021 |

BC’s film industry has a great global reputation – and for good reason. Our members are well trained, and well supported by the good people around them, inviting them to be as innovative and creative as can be imagined.

In fact, three of the members in our Grip department recently took home Oscars for Technical Achievement.
Grips are problem solvers – they make things work, it’s what they do. Dave McIntosh, Mike Kirilenko and Steve Smith masterminded a product that revolutionized the way movies and television shows are made.

Their inflatable “Airwall” replaces traditionally built greenscreen structures that can take days to construct and disassemble. Their invention can be made to fit almost any size, takes around 12 minutes to inflate and just six minutes to deflate.

Members of IATSE 891 become part of the larger network of professionals and, quite frankly, some of the most talented artists and technicians in the world. They share information, train each other to keep skills top-notch, encourage each other to innovate and share in the celebration of each other’s successes. 

If you’re not an IATSE 891 member, why not? Open your world to all the opportunities.